Sunday, March 2, 2008

The One that Started it All

This was the first scarf of my current craze- a good case of someone asking the right question at the right time. I was ready to knit and so I did.

The "Surprise Me" Scarf for:

Name: Josh Jones

Job: Coolest Dictator Ever

: 26

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up: Supreme Overlord of the entire world or an astronaut

Best Thing That Happened To Me Last Week Was: finding out I'm going to
Oregon to ski over reading week

Why I Let Someone Knit Me A Scarf With Hardly Any Say In How It Would Look: I like adventure

Kj's inspiration: Since this was the first thing I'd knit for a guy in quite sometime, I was admittedly, working with a 2004 fashion paradigm, back when people we just starting to wear hoodies under tweed jackets, and faux hawks were popping up places other than the two coasts. In this case, that meant using a grey background (very standard and manly) with a jolt of lime green. I think I'd been wanting to make this scarf for about 4 years, so thankfully, Josh just let me do whatever I wanted.

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JustAnotherDramaQueen said...

Kj - this should be a book! The scarves, the patterns, the real life models, your story about creating the pattern and a little insight into the recipient. It would be a hit - with lovers of all things manly and knitted.