Thursday, June 5, 2008

In the News

Here's some fun press for Mars Hill Graduate School, feauturing unflattering pictures of friends of mine who were coerced into doing a tableau of Matisse's "La Danse." Yeah, instead of a school mascot we have a school painting. On that random note, I found myself saying to a roommate today that if "La Danse" is our school painting, then "Magnolia" is our school film. It's used in like every class, and gets mentioned by at least one staff member per week. Also, our school video is Sigur Ros' "Glosoli" which has appeared in everything from a lecture on "Mission in a Global Context" to the Orientation weekend service for new students. So I guess we need to figure out what our school song is, favorite actors, favorite color, food, etc. Maybe the Seattle times will write that article.

Belltown Messenger Article

Seattle PI Article

Our namesake: Mars Hill, aka the Aereopagus, in Athens


blaine hogan said...

I like Mark Wahlberg should be our school actor. I don't know what it is but since going from a 90's hip-hop star, to a CK underwear model, to a blockbuster/indie-film star, to a super-producer...he just seems like a both/and kind of guy.

blaine hogan said...

I think*

Kj said...

Also, he has an altar in his bathroom, the only room it would fit, i think he said, and it came from the Vatican or something. so anyone with sacred space demarcated in their bathroom has to fit in with our mission statement. I completely support Mark Wahlberg's candiacy for MHGS' favorite actor. Also, because he's amazing in MHGS' second favorite movie, "I Heart Huckabees"

Spiro said...

you can't stereotype the whole school like that... certainly not with something like 'school politician.'

...yes we can.