Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What I Carry Around With Me

I'm headed out to replace my last pair of jeans which died last night. here's what I pulled out of my back pocket before trashing them.

1) Seattle International Film Festival voting ballot
2) Movie Stub from "Mysteries of Pittsburgh" SIFF
3) Movie Stub from "Iron Man" AMC
4) Movie Stub from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" The Big Picture
5) Movie Stub from "Indian Jones..." Majestic Bay
6) Play Stub from "Namaste Man" Intiman Theatre
7) Receipt from Mcdonanlds where I finished my gift card from Niegel on which he wrote:

8) A fortune cookie fortune that reads


Keepitmoving said...

Nice fortune dude...I was there for two of those movies!

Anonymous said...

I just saw Iron Man this week... wasn't it so good!!??

Kj said...

sooooooooooo ggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeerd!

Derrick Fudge said...

wow. If your fortune cookie is right, and of course it is, you got nothing to worry about. nothing.