Monday, June 16, 2008

You Never Know What's Gonna Resonate With The Public

As my blog has lived up to its titular bulletin board nature of randomness, I of course think from time to time "If I post this, will anyone care, or is it just dumb, ranty or lame?" Such was the thought that passed through my head before I did my little Bus Rider complaint last week or so. Well, to my shock and awe, I traced back my sitemeter to not one, but two sites that somehow found my post and furthered it on to their own blog sites, in one case, even quoting it like I was Reuters or something. It's flattering and odd, but more, if this is my fifteen minutes of fame I have to admit I was imagining something a bit more flashy than complaining about inneficient bus space usage. I'll try not to let this all go to my head.
(this one thinks I'm a guy)

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