Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday Night Haiku: Week Two

Risk, is saying "I
feel foolish," while noticing
that you said "I Feel."

Grace, is when your risk,
(telling the truth), let's someone
else do just the same.

Million Dollar Baby Haiku:

Clint Eastwood- Am I
also protecting myself
out of a prize fight?

I wish Morgan Free-
-man would narrate my life so
I could know what's next.

Sometimes I wish I
could take my boxing gloves off.
Then we could hold hands.


Kimberly said...

I just got your sweet of you, and now I have discovered your blog. I also got my 30 seconds with Anne (not counting our intial meeting :) to pitch her writing a review for an anthology I am apart of, to which I got rejected in .2 seconds :) Thus, I appreciate your haiku tonight on this business of risking and foolishness.

Kj said...

Boldness = Terrifying

jody said...

simply remarkable

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