Sunday, March 4, 2007

Abby and Auntie Acting Coach

So Matt and Abby stopped by the other evening, and Abby was eager to get in front of the camera. We've all been playing with this idea with her lately about showing different expressions of emotion. It's pretty hilarious watching her pretend to fall off the sofa as if it were a mountain cliff and calling for help "Mommy! Save me!" then Rebecca will rescue her dramatically and smother her like an overprotective mother. It's hilarious.

So, with the help of photobooth, Abby and I did some acting excercises. Here's a 3 yr. old's interpration of some basic emotional states.

"Okay, Abby. Look really, really HAPPY"

"Now look really SAD"

"Now, can you look SURPRISED?"

"How would you look if you were really CONFUSED, like "I don't know?"

"Now let's see you really ANGRY"

"How would you look if you were IN LOVE?"

Eat your heart out, Dakota Fanning.


Keepitmoving said...

I want an Aunt Kj!
I can't wait to meet Abby!
Cute heads...

Keepitmoving said...

oh, and what's with the beer bottle collection there...

Kj said...

Haha! It's Christmas Coke bottles, silly. And a San Pellegrino Aranciatta bottle. I suppose I should take down the Christmas Cokes, but they provide a nice view obscurant to my neighbors, while still getting to keep my window open. But speaking of beer bottle collections, in AZ I bought a kitchen sppon rest that is a flattened Rolling Rock bottle. I love those bottles and since I don't really drink beer, I gotta find some way to work that stuff into my decor.

kikodelo said...

wow, LOVE her!!! Immediately, I was reminded of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face...Abby is just darling :)