Thursday, March 1, 2007

Curse you, O Monday Night Classes!

I can't believe I'm not gonna get to hear these two talk because I have classes both nights they're speaking. I'm so mad I could spit. I mean, yes, I don't really have the $50 a ticket I'd need to go, but that's what credit cards are for. My heart leapt when I heard they'd be in Seattle, and DAMN! it had to be Monday nights. How am I ever gonna finish building my time machine if I dont have an accurate perspective on our cosmological origins? Aaaaaaaaargh!


Cabe said...

Hawking is overrated; he hasn't even won a Nobel Prize. Greene hasn't either. Both of those guys just wrote really accessible books. There are a lot of people who are less famous, but actually more impressive. They are like the Sony of physicists. Sony makes really good televisions, but other companies make ones that are at least as good, only you won't have to pay as much, because they aren't Sony. Get a Samsung or something.

Besides, marriage and family just saved you fifty bucks. The universe is not just half full, it's infinite.

Kj said...

Thank you. I believe you and am comforted at my loss. However, as a layman, I don't have access to the Samsung flatscreens of quantum physics and these guys are the closest i can get, maybe? If I'm gonna "get" superstring, I gotta have a string of some kind. Hruumph. Oh well.

Did you escape before snowfall '07 ? I hope it didn't delay your plane, because this whole snowstorm is totally my fault. Me and my stupid snowdance just bring cold weather and devastation wherever we go.

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