Saturday, March 24, 2007

Done, With 46 Hours to Spare!

One of the most feared (or procrastinated) events of the Mars Hill education, appears to be the gender/abuse/marriage research paper for "Marriage & Family Counselling" and shucks, if I ain't finished with it. Will I get an A? Most likely not since my topic is way too broad and circumspect for a psychology research paper, but I at least like what I wrote and enjoyed writing it.

<- Studdy Buddy. I spent today (and am still here presently) doggy-sitting for Joann Badley, my Interpretive Methods professor who lives a few blocks from me. So I've had a whole day free of the distractions that seem to orbit my desk at home (should I re-organize my DVD's by color instead of by studio distributor?), and with Toby, the scruffiest terrier on earth by my side, so I've got companionship without the temptation of conversation.

When I was down to my final papragraph, Toby and I took a long walk 'round the neighborhood, and fortunately, since I couldn't take Toby into a coffee shop or restaurant, I live blocks from a bone-fide Seattle hamburger landmark, Dick's, where I could walk up to the window, get my food, and stand there at the counter with Toby free to scour for french fries on the pavement.

It's been a lovely day, and actually, a pretty enjoyable paper writing process, considering I didn't get to mention Jane Eyre or Henry V. And I can now stop reading these! --> Huzzah!

Oh, and if you care, my topic was "In Search of Safety: Dissapearance of Self in the Authoritarian Household". Hilarity!


Spiro said...

i envy you.

Lucy said...

KJ, you are my inspiration! If I know you and your skills, I'm sure you will get an A. Even if you think it's broad, the title suggests brilliance! I'm still working... Apparently it is impossible for me to finish something with time to spare.
Much love...