Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday Night Haiku

What is this I hear?
Oh yeah, the "I Told You So"
I'd been expecting.

"Crestfallen". There are
some words you never tire of
wanting to avoid.

I'd put my heart out
There, but then what would be in
Here to pump my blood?

Irony helps when
You don't want to say what you
really want to say.

Sometimes its easy-
-er to write four glib haiku
than admit you're hurt


Ganch said...

We love you KJ!

Garth said...

I rub you.

Kj said...

I wuv you all too

Anonymous said...

Your four haiku are
anything but glib They show
your insides to me

Kj said...

thanks Kennedy

Keepitmoving said...

call me

Kj said...

when my research paper's done. wuv

Lucy said...

AAAAAGH! Must talk- but I expect, like you said, not until research paper is done!
Love you girl