Friday, March 9, 2007

My Team

Fantasy Board of Trustees

William H. Macy, Chairman
Kevin Kline, President
Emma Thompson, Vice President
Bono, Treasurer
Madeline L’Engle, Secretary

Dan Akroyd***##
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Jack Black***
Cate Blanchett
Toni Collette
Judy Collins
Sofia Coppola***
Carrie Fisher
Alison Kraus
Baz Luhrman
Ewan McGregor
Steve Martin
Charles Mee***##
John C. Reilly
Maya Rudolph
Paul Simon
Tracey Ullman

Bill Irwin
Meredith Monk

***denotes new members since 2004
***## denotes members added since original post date

Some explanation: it started somewhere around 2002, the idea of taking Fantasy baseball or football teams to the next level- Fantasy Teams of any kind. Rules for your team depend on the individual, like whether or not you can have dead or fictional people on your team, but a major rule, is that if someone else has a team member you want, you can’t share. You have to trade players. Notice that Christopher Walken and Dolly Parton are not on my team? They were already taken. And I gave Donna Murphy to Scott a couple years ago, but I don’t remember if he traded someone in return.

In 2004, my team moved from the general sporting format to become a Board of Trustees. Your team can take whatever form you want. Kim’s is a TV show, and Niegel’s is based on ASB. I think Queen Latifah is his Sergeant at Arms.

My rule is that anyone dead is already on my universal team, and since it’s a fantasy team, no one I’ve actually worked with can be on the team, thus the Emeritus status for Bill and Meredith who had to resign from the board. What your team does is entirely up to you. My team obviously has regular board meetings where we discuss collaborative projects.

Any other teams out there?


Spiro said...

i kinda liked it without the explanation.

cause it's just the... "team"

Garth said...

My team has been in a slump lately. You've inspired me to start it up again.

Jody said...

I love this. I had heard about Bono, but it's nice to see the rest. Nice to see you're so well cared for.

Kj said...

Hi Jody- are you the Jody I think you are?

Kj said...

Oops! Is it too late for me to add Dan Akroyd? He isn't taken is he?