Monday, February 19, 2007

"Bring your Mac to Work" Night at Intiman Theatre

Ian: Hey, Kj. What's up?
Kj: Oh, just goofing around on my computer. Lots of time to kill before intermission. thought I'd take some pictures of me on the job using PhotoBooth. What should I do?
Ian: Pretend like you're giving someone their change.

Kj: That was fun. What next?
Ian: Pretend like you're pouring me tonight’s special.
Kj: Okay. “Disaronno on the rocks?”
Ian: Why, thank you.

Ian: Let’s use some effects. Ooh, Thermal Camera.
Kj: And I’ll pretend I’m shaking a martini.

Ian: Now we need a shot with some perspective.

Kj: Here’s my “You really want a Bloody Mary?” look.

Sachiyo: what are you guys doing?
Kj: Taking pictures. Come join us.
Sachiyo: No, I can’t.
Ian: Come on, it’s your last night here.
Sachiyo: Okay, why not.
Mary: What are you guys doing? Ooh, pictures. How does it work?
Kj: It’s just like a photobooth. Here, lets all cram into the shot.

(A half hour passes. Here is one of the thirty group shots)

Ah, I do love my job.


kikodelo said...

YEAH!!!! This is what I'm talkin' about!! Love it very much...ya look great, kid!

Kj said...

Kiko, my dear, it's all for you. Man, I was remembering on Super Bowl Sunday, the Super Bowl when we were both (am I right?) working "The Regard Evening" and they brought the TV out onstage between shows and Bill, Doug, Nancy and all of us ate chips and french onion dip there in the first row. Were you there or was it Andy? I just met someone who knows Andy from Primary Stages. Funny. Anyhoo, oh those off broadway days...

Keepitmoving said...

Will you invent a smart cocktail for me using - pear absolut- ? I keep asking around town and no one has yet to satisfy. Ok, it was just at one bar and they didn't have it. I think it's new, but I have a feeling it'll be my signature cocktail. I'm going to do some research.... You look pretty btw.

Kj said...

What about Pear absolut, absolut vanilla and club soda?

Or pear absolut and grapefruit juice?

it's tricky, because its not a liquer, so what can you add that won't go wacky with the vodka part?

this would be gross to me, but you could do pear absolut and peach schnapps shaken together, then served up as a martini...

Keepitmoving said...

No vanilla. I can't get down with that.
I nerdily went to the absolut website to peruse. I think I would try absolut pears, white grape juice and sour mix? Like a spring day?

kikodelo said...

Yum, Kim! I want one! Kj, keep in mind that our darling Kim is sitting at her desk on the other side of the nearest wall :) Oh yes, of course I could easily commend her on the sour pear/grape concoction by speaking. However, I thought I'd reserve my excitement for your blog! Oh, and I totally remember that Super Bowl Sunday. I was house managing & wished that I could have enjoyed the chips/dip in the front row! I remember my ushers complaining that they would be missing the game...wha wha whaaa. Good 'ol Signature :) By the way, your reenactments completely cracked me up!

Kj said...

i was going to suggest, Kim, to check out their website. i haven't yet, but i did hear about pear absolut just this weekend. after i wrote my suggestion, i thout about sour mix. i would have thought of white grape juice, but i was working from the hermeneutic of what i have stocked at the bar i work.

um, it's fun talking to you ladies like this, like i was in my room next to yours :)