Sunday, February 18, 2007

We Partied Like it was 399

So my roommate Carrie had the ingenious idea to host a Poetry, Wine and Cheese party, and to have it around Valentine’s Day so that people could do something for Valentine’s Day that didn’t heighten one’s sense of aloneness. So we did it last Friday. Because I wasn’t sure if we could pull it off and that it wouldn’t be awkward or forced, I didn’t really invite anyone unless it came up in conversation and they seemed up for it. Mostly, it was friends of Carrie's, but I had two friends come and my brother and Rebecca were able to come last minute.

Needless to say, it was an unparalleled success. My brother even called me the next day to reiterate how great it was and how glad he was to have been a part of it.

Coming home from a five hour class that was intensely emotional for me, and coming off a week that was heavy with confusion, loneliness, etc, it was so amazing to sit for three hours listening to and sharing poetry. Sounds cheesy? It was, in the best sense. And Garth, you would have loved the stinky cheese people brought. One had a layer of ash! Delightful.

After the first two poems, people started “piggybacking” thematic poems that came to mind, and it rolled like that for three hours. And our conversations traversed every theme of life that poetry covers: nature, loss, love, death and of course, hipster haiku. So if poetry starts popping up on the blog a bit, you can assume that it probably came through our night of Dionysian Decadence where I got to sip Sofia Coppola Blanc de Blancs out of a little pink straw. Heaven in a can! I hope you’ll all fly out for the next one. We’re definitely doing it again, and this time, I’ll invite more than three people.

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