Thursday, February 22, 2007

More Fun with Photobooth

With the help of Mac photobooth, you too can create your own "Snow Patrol" album cover!

Hmmm...When exactly did I start looking like Kurt Cobain?

Kj! Don't forget to bring your bible to class on Wednesday!

This is Halilah, my roomate Carrie's cat. "Halilah" is Hebrew for "She who whines". Very apt. Very precious.

Hey Louis. Jealous......? Wish you'd treated me better, don't ya? Oh you cat, how you broke my heart daily. Halilah actually whines at my door wanting to spend time with me. Louis, you missed your chance, buddy. And yet, my heart is still yours...

On the phone with Katrina..

Homework? What homework?


MackAttack said...

You're so cute! I like it when you post pics of you and a cat. ;)
It sounds like Louis is like my Eliot. Cats are good at teaching lessons about unrequited love.

Kj said...

So true, Mackensita, so true...