Monday, February 12, 2007

Hipster Haiku: the beginning

So you know I hate those "gift books" that are not books, but actually just chacki knicks knacks or things to place in the bathroom for humorous toilet reading, but today I found the mother of all "humor" books. It's "HIPSTER HAIKU" by Siobhan Adcock. The georgously ironic self referential wit warmed the cockles of my de-Brooklyned heart, and I'd like, in the coming weeks, to post some dedicated to special folks. But here's a couple to get us going.

Hipster Haiku by Siobhan Adcock

Your "neighborhoodie"
Sends a very clear message
Which is: "I'm new here"

After my fifth year
"Philosophy Ph.D."
Didn't sound punk rock

And last for now, a personal fave dedicated to KIM HAMLIN:

Urban Outfitters
Like the Minotaur it lurks
In darkness to kill



Garth said...

This is beautiful. Please post more.

Katrina said... hip to poke fun at hipsters!