Sunday, February 18, 2007

Remember Highlight's Magazine? It's Like That

Kim, here’s the watch. Why be subtle in your accessories, when you can be entirely anachronistic?

Feeling bored? Here’s a fun activity. In my room, can you spot the objects listed below?

1) The New York Subway centennial map
2) Two California License plates from Kendra Kohrt’s SUV
3) CASH by Johnny Cash
4) The 1919 ballroom group photo I bought from Molly Ringwald at a yard sale
5) A miniature of Minas Tirith poking out from under a curtain
6) A broken clock that I took out of the trash as Mars Hill was moving campuses- (yes, I have a broken clock hanging on the wall- I figured why not, since I can't read clocks anyway)-it’s perpetually set to 10:10, which is what most clocks in movies are set to because it looks like the clock is smiling and is therefore a subconsciously pleasant image for your audience. Do you experience this clock pleasantly?
7) A map of 18th century London
8) Photograph of a castle tower in Gaeta, Italy that my parents took near their house when they were newlyweds, and which I got to drive by last January.
9) Baz Luhrman’s Red Curtain Trilogy
10) My rarely ever (these days) played guitar.
11) the ladder to my Ikea Tromso Loft Bed
12) Part 2 of my Sepia toned group photo shots collection- the one Kim gave me for my 26th birthday.
13) A Narcissist’s hand.

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