Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gifts that were waiting for me when I came home tonight (Monday)

1) My (belated) Christmas package from Kim, some of the items included being:

a) the $80 Flaming Fair Isle Hat that Kim made and that I wore all last winter after I lost the hat she made to match my winter coat.
b) a pair of earrings Kim made out of old watch parts, which I will now wear everyday.
c) A group photo featuring myself and Bob Sagat, which will get stuffed in another drawer much like the one Kim must have found it in.
d) 3 designer mismatched socks for my mismatched feet that have not worn matching socks since 1991.
e) the tin where 260 Gates Ave 4A has kept it's Christmas ornamentss the past few years, plus the ornaments in it.
f) my long-lost missing "MobilGas" magnet that I bought at a Michael's Craft Supply in suburban PA while prepping for Sarah's wedding.

2) The only Valentine I will receive this year: from beloved Grandma Hazelton who also enclosed $20 which is more than she's probably spent on groceries so far this year.

3) An email Itunes link from Richard with a song that we (and the four other ladies included in the email) used to have to listen to in sixth grade in Mrs. Grimes' class while we journaled about Geology and passed the latest jokes about "Homo Erectus". I had not heard this "song" from the fruity New Age Narada Collection since I last wore matching socks!

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