Sunday, February 25, 2007

Can You get a Hangover from Making Drinks, not Drinking them?

So there was a benefit at the theatre last night, for a sorority- some one woman Diva show. I don't know. All I know is that I'm setting up the bar as usual, and decide, since my sign still says Disarronno on special, I'll just do that again, becuase it's easy. Ice, pour, serve. A couple weeks ago when we had an opera at the theater, I took advantage of the baroque atmosphere to do some of my preferred "Elegant" cocktails, my favorite being Kir or Kir Royale. I LOVE pouring Chambord in wine glasses and adding Champagne or Sauvignon Blanc. It makes me feel fancy.

Anyhoo, it felt like an Ammaretto night, but the first two women who came up to the bar proceeded to order Apple Martinis, and I could see the whole night flash before my eyes. So I changed the special to Appletinis (Lord, did I ever think this word would enter my vocabulary?). And the shaking began. Can someone please fly out and document this portion of reality where Kj serves Appletinis to middle aged Sorority sisters? I just need proof that this is actually my life.

SIX hours later, I stood waiting for my bus on the corner of Queen Anne and Mercer, cold, tired and feeling very foggy; sensitive to loud noises and bright lights. Woke up the same way. Is this what a hangover feels like?

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