Monday, February 12, 2007

More Hipster Haiku for You

All Haiku by Siobhan Adcock.
[All dedications by Kj]

[For Seth and Garth, (pre-Grant's Parlor)]

Calvin and Hobbes tat
Phish T-shirt, stink of incense
Can’t rent with this guy

[For Niegel and MYSELF]

Seeking freelance gigs
To make rent, I scroll, hopeful.
Shit. All internships.

[For Sarah Gancher and maybe for Garth too]

A bar’s authentic
Only if it contains some
Old Polish guys, drunk

[Definitely NOT for Kim]

Thank you, ReadyMade:
Now I have something to do
Sundays, besides nap.

[For Katrina (and most of us)]

Gone, gone are the days
When we spoke derisively
Of nine-to-five jobs.

[A definite Kj one]

Want to see my place?
It’s furnished with found artwork
Like this traffic light

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Seth said...

More please more.